Car Repair Working Lamps

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Product Description:

Powerful COB LED Chips – Powered by 3W COB with 160 lumens floodlight offers higher brightness and wide adjustable angle provide larger light coverage and maximum illumination distance.

Easily adjustable - Point it nearly anywhere through its head, that can swivel front and back up to 130 degrees.

Tough magnetic base - Stick steadily it to the metallic surface or hang it on any place for hands-free operation

Portable and rechargeable - Battery-operated and rechargeable make our lamp great for home, outdoor, Car repair, Camping, Hunting, Fishing, working on electronics, emergency roadside repairs, or multipurpose work etc.

High-quality material: The aluminum head is sealed, protecting the LED lighting from the water. It is also impact resistant, so there is extra protection in case it is dropped



Weight:95g(net weight)
Material: plastics
Lumen:160 lumens
Light: white light
Light source:3W COB
Product Design: Can rotate
Whether there is magnetism: yes


1. LED Ultra Bright work light:
2. Extensive lifetime of LED
3. Lightweight, compact and portable
4. 360-degree foldable swivel hook for hanging in various directions
5. Strong built-in magnet - easily adheres to metal surfaces
6. Fold-away swivel hook, making it convenient for hands-free lighting
7. Suitable for hiking, camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities



Maintenance vehicle, monitoring machine tool, emergency lamp and so on, It is very convenient and practical.

Packages Include:

1 X lamp


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